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Tire Storage in Oakland, ON

Tire Storage

Looking for a place to store your season tires in Oakland, ON? Tech Savvy Automotive has got you covered. We offer convenient and secure tire storage solutions, perfect for your summer tires, winter tires, or any extra sets of tires you have.

Why Opt for Professional Tire Storage?

Choosing professional tire storage comes with a bunch of benefits. Here’s why it’s a smart move:

Space Saving: Storing tires at home can take up a lot of room. By using a professional service, you free up space in your garage or shed.

Keeps Tires in Good Shape: Tires can get damaged if they’re not stored right. Professionals keep them in the best condition, away from stuff that can harm them, like too much sunlight or moisture.

Safety: Stacked tires can be a safety risk, especially if you’ve got kids or pets around. Professional storage is way safer.

Convenience: When it’s time to switch your tires for the season, having them stored at a place that also does tire changes makes life easier.

Not storing your tires properly can lead to problems like:

Wear and Tear: Tires can lose their shape or start to crack if they’re not kept in the right conditions.

Hazards at Home: Tires lying around can be a tripping hazard and take up valuable space.

Tech Savvy’s Tire Storage Facilities: Features and Security

Our tire storage facility at Tech Savvy Automotive is all about keeping your tires safe and sound. Here’s what we offer:

On-Site Storage: Our facility is right here at Tech Savvy, so you know exactly where your tires are.

Climate Control: We keep the storage area cool and dark to protect your tires from weather damage.

 Special Racks: We don’t just throw your tires in a corner. We store them on racks that keep them off the ground and in good shape.

With our features and security, you can trust that your summer tires, winter tires, or any extra sets are in good hands until you need them again.

How Tech Savvy Protects Your Tires

At Tech Savvy, we take special care to ensure your tires stay in top condition while they’re with us. Here’s how we do it:

Detailed Inspection: The first thing we do is give your tires a good look-over. We check for any cuts, punctures, or other issues. This way, you know the state of your tires before they go into storage.

Proper Cleaning: We clean off all the dirt, grime, and road salts. These can cause your tires to deteriorate if they’re not cleaned off properly.

Optimal Storage Conditions: We store your tires in a cool, dry, and dark space. This helps prevent damage from sunlight, heat, and moisture – all of which can mess up your tires over time.

By taking these steps, we make sure when you get your tires back, they’re ready to roll.

Tire Storage Fees and Terms at in Oakland, ON Tech Savvy Automotive

We believe in making tire storage affordable and straightforward. Contact the shop for pricing and more details. Price may differ between standard size tires for cars and SUV’s to fleet or larger specialized tires.

With Tech Savvy Automotive, you get a convenient, safe place to store your tires at a reasonable price, making it easy to switch between your summer and winter sets without the hassle.

Scheduling Your Tire Storage with Tech Savvy Automotive in Oakland, ON

Ready to store your tires? Scheduling your tire storage with Tech Savvy Automotive is easy. Just give us a call or visit our website to set up an appointment. Our team will handle the rest, ensuring that your summer or winter tires are safely stored away until you need them again.

Choose Tech Savvy Automotive for hassle-free tire storage in Oakland, ON. We keep your tires safe and sound so you can enjoy peace of mind and a clutter-free garage.

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